Walter L. and Carole A. Crowley Scholarship

Walter Crowley and his wife Carole established the Walter L. and Carole A. Crowley Scholarship Fund in 2008. 

The recipient shall be a top senior in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, identified through the Ira O. Baker Award process, who has indicated intent to continue in the master’s degree program in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The award is given in two equal payments: one during the Fall semester and one during the Spring semester.

Past recipients:

2016     Hannah Lohman

2015     Brian Nichols and Kelly Samara

2014     Alek Heilstedt

2013     Matthew Jarrett

2012     Andrew Rehn

2011     Lauren D. Valentino

2010     Derek R. Vardon

2009     Brian K. Schertz and Adam B. Tate