William John Mackay Award

His widow, Lucille Mackay, endowed the William John Mackay Award in 1984. Mackay (BS 26) was an employee of the Illinois Division of Highways and served with distinction for 42 years in various capacities as a bridge design, engineer of railroad crossings, and engineering research coordinator. This award recognizes scholarship and ethical standards in the field of civil engineering.

The award is made in two equal payments: one in the Fall semester and one in the Spring semester.

Past recipients:

2021     Abby Hutter

2020     Abigail Cohen, Henry Doyle, Heather Gathman, Zhichao Sun, Jianqi Xue

2019     Sherif ElMasry, Alexandra Kawar, Jennifer Nugent, Xulai Xu

2018     David Casillas, Tomasz Rutkowski, Haoyu Si

2017     Rohini Gupta, Qingjin Fan, Xiaohan Shao, Wenjing We

2016     Paolo Emmanuel Araneta, Michael Baumgartner, Justin Vogel, John Walker

2015     Guillermo Acevedo, Tariq Shihadah, Jessica Steslow

2014     Kexin Chen, Alexander Lakocy, Juzer Millwala

2013     Alex Knicker, Mona Patel

2011     Richael K. Young, Pouyan Assem, Oana A. Toma

2010     Quinton M. Champer, Elizabeth A. Rehwoldt, Derek R. Vardon

2008     Scott D. Banjavcic, Kevin J. Foster, Maciej M. Mroczek, Anne Zhang

2007     Caleb T. Fader, Justin R. Lewis, Wiryaputra Pramono

2006     Schott D. Banjavcic, Suzanna E. Lindquist, Sean L. Poust, Scott R. Uranich