CEE 190

CEE 190 - Project-Based Intro to CEE

Fall 2023

Project-Based Intro to CEECEE190PBL75476LCD41530 - 1720 M W  0035 Campus Instructional Facility Jeffery R. Roesler
Anthony Finucane
Arthur R Schmidt
Jacob D Henschen
Kina Tamai
Nicholas Marchak
Rex Chung Hin Tse
Riley Loveday
Project-Based Intro to CEECEE190ZJU76406LEC4 -    Arthur R Schmidt

Official Description

Allows first year and transfer students to explore topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering through a project-based learning format. The course also develops competencies in critical skills such as technical writing in CEE, data management and computation, and design thinking in a collaborative team environment. Course Information: Credit is not given for both CEE 190 and CEE 195.