CEE 452 - Hydraulic Analysis and Design

Spring 2023

Hydraulic Analysis and DesignCEE452C31727LCD31000 - 1050 M W F  2311 Newmark Civil Engineering Bldg  Marcelo H. Garcia
Hydraulic Analysis and DesignCEE452ONC70861ONL3 -     Marcelo H. Garcia
Hydraulic Analysis and DesignCEE452ONL69614ONL3 -     Marcelo H. Garcia

Official Description

Hydraulic analysis and design of engineering systems: closed conduits and pipe networks; hydraulic structures, including spillways, stilling basins, and embankment seepage; selection and installation of hydraulic machinery. Course Information: 3 undergraduate hours. 3 graduate hours. Prerequisite: CEE 331 or TAM 335.