CEE 504 - Infrastructure NDE Methods

Fall 2021

Infrastructure NDE MethodsCEE504AB175731LAB01500 - 1650 M  3017 Civil Eng Hydrosystems Lab Sang Min Lee
Infrastructure NDE MethodsCEE504AB275733LAB01500 - 1650 W  3017 Civil Eng Hydrosystems Lab Sang Min Lee
Infrastructure NDE MethodsCEE504AL175729LCD41000 - 1050 M W F  2015 Civil Eng Hydrosystems Lab John S Popovics
Infrastructure NDE MethodsCEE504OB175732OLB01500 - 1650 M    Sang Min Lee
Infrastructure NDE MethodsCEE504OB275734OLB01500 - 1650 W    Sang Min Lee
Infrastructure NDE MethodsCEE504OL175730OLC41000 - 1050 M W F    John S Popovics

Official Description

Fundamental bases and methodologies of non-destructive evaluation (NDE) techniques for infrastructure materials: methods for steel including ultrasound, radiography, eddy-current and magnetic-particles; methods for concrete including sounding, semi-destructive, ultrasound, seismic, impact-echo, impulse-response, ground-penetrating radar, infrared-thermography, and nuclear; planning and carrying out NDE structural investigations. Weekly laboratory sessions, a research paper, and an associated presentation related to NDE required. Course Information: Prerequisite: CEE 401 or CEE 405.