CEE 590

CEE 590 - Geotechnical Field Measurement

Fall 2023

Geotechnical Field MeasurementCEE590ONL71947ONL4 -     Scott M. Olson
Geotechnical Field MeasurementCEE590RS64874LCD41000 - 1050 M W F  2312 Newmark Civil Engineering Bldg  Scott M. Olson

Official Description

Discussion of observational method in geotechnical engineering. Historical, theoretical, experimental, and empirical development of in-situ tests and instrumentation in geotechnical engineering. Practical applications and limitation of field testing devices and instruments. Interpretation of test results and measurements for geotechnical site characterization. Discussion of data acquisition systems and data management. Introduction of emerging technologies in field testing and instrumentation. Course Information: Prerequisite: CEE 483 and CEE 484.