CEE 340

CEE 340 - Energy and Global Environment

Fall 2024

Energy and Global EnvironmentCEE340EGE64871LCD31000 - 1120 T R  1017 Civil & Envir Eng Bldg  Megan L. Matthews

Official Description

Introduction to evaluating multiple impacts of engineering decisions. Topics include mass and chemical balances; effects of engineered systems on local and global environment, health, and risk; economic, consumer, and social considerations; provision of conventional and renewable energy; and future projections. Design projects emphasize making appropriate decisions by quantifying total impact and evaluating social environment. Course Information: Approved for Letter and S/U grading. Prerequisite: PHYS 211; PHYS 213 or ME200; CEE 201 or IE 310; CEE 202, IE 300, or STAT 200.