CEE 453

CEE 453 - Urban Hydrology and Hydraulics

Spring 2024

Geometric Design of RoadsCEE415TW31716LCD41500 - 1650 M W F  2311 Newmark Civil Engineering Bldg Arthur R Schmidt
Alireza Talebpour
Urban Hydrology and HydraulicsCEE453ONL44664ONL4 -    Arthur R Schmidt
Alireza Talebpour
Urban Hydrology and HydraulicsCEE453TW31728LCD41500 - 1650 M W F  2311 Newmark Civil Engineering Bldg Arthur R Schmidt
Alireza Talebpour

Official Description

Hydraulic analysis and design of urban, highway, airport, and small rural watershed drainage problems; discussion of overland and drainage channel flows; hydraulics of storm-drain systems and culverts; determination of design flow; runoff for highways, airports, and urban areas; design of drainage gutters, channels, sewer networks, and culverts. Course Information: 4 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite: CEE 350.

Subject Area

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

Course Description

This combined course (453/415) will cover the geometric design of roadway and associated drainage. The topics to be covered in the combined course are vehicle-driver characteristics, safety and sight distances, horizontal and vertical alignment, interchanges, earthwork and mass-haul, hydrologic computations, design of various hydraulic structures, flood-plain computations, scour and erosion control design, and storm-water best management practices. A major component of the class is a semester long, team-oriented design project of a roadway including drainage calculations and hydraulic structures. (Credit is not given for both CEE 415 and CEE 453.)

Credit Hours

4 hours (counts toward the certificate in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering)


A course in Transportation Engineering (CEE 310).

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