CEE Online Geotechnical Engineering

The MS Degree requires 36 credit hours, 12 of which must be at the 500-level. Course selection is flexible and students are encouraged to individualize their program in coordination with their advisor. See the full listing of classes on the Geotechnical area website.

Sample Plan of Study - 9 classes of the following

CEE 483 Soil Mechanics and Behavior, Fall & Spring
CEE 484 Applied Soil Mechanics, Spring
CEE 580 Excavation and Support Systems, Spring (even years)
CEE 581 Earth Dams, Fall
CEE 585 Deep Foundations, Spring (odd years)
CEE 586 Rock Mechanics and Behavior, Fall (even years)
CEE 588 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Fall (even years) 
CEE 589 Computational Geomechanics, Spring (odd years) 
CEE 590 Geotechnical Field Measurements, Fall (odd years)
CEE 593 Tunneling in Soil and Rock, Spring (even)