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The Infrastructure specialization for the MS degree online in Civil Engineering allows students to create a program plan of courses from the traditional areas of structures, transportation, geotechnical, materials, and construction management.

Students are required to complete 36 hours of graduate course work, with at least 12 hours at the 500-level. Students are expected to work closely with their program advisor to develop programs of study that will meet the degree requirements and the students’ career objectives. All programs of study are subject to review and approval by the program advisor.

The following courses represent some of the courses available. See the CEE Online course listing and the Engineering Online website for all available online courses. 

CEE 470. Structural Analysis
CEE 471. Structural Mechanics
CEE 472. Structural Dynamics
CEE 570. Finite Element Methods
CEE 572. Earthquake Engineering
CEE 573. Structural Dynamics, II
CEE 491. Decision and Risk Analysis

CEE 406. Pavement Design/Analysis I
CEE 409. Railroad Track Engineering
CEE 498. Public Transportation
CEE 498HSR. High-Speed Rail
CEE 509. Transportation Soils
CEE 411. Railroad Project Planning and Design
CEE 598SS. Transportation Soil Stabilization
CEE 512. Logistics System Analysis

CEE 581. Earth Dams and Other Embankments (levees, landfills, etc.)
CEE 589. Computational Geomechanics
CEE598TSR Tunneling in Soil and Rock

CEE 598IR. Infrastructure Repair

Construction Management:
CEE 420. Construction Productivity
CEE 421. Construction Planning
CEE 424. Sustainable Construction Methods
CEE 525. Construction Case Studies

Environmental Engineering:
CEE 453. Urban Hydrology and Hydraulics