CEE Online Structural Engineering

The Structural Engineering specialization requires completion of 36 credit hours, with at least 12 credit hours at the 500-level. Core courses and electives are listed below. Students can select electives in other areas of civil engineering for specialization or breadth of study, and all students are required to complete a Plan of Study, which must be submitted and approved during the first semester of graduate work. 

Core (Required) Courses

CEE 470 Structural Analysis, Fall&Spring
CEE 471 Structural Mechanics, Fall
CEE 472 Structural Dynamics, Fall
CEE 462 Steel Structures II, Spring
CEE 463 Reinforced Concrete II, Fall
CEE 570 Finite Element Methods, Spring


CEE 491 Decision and Risk Analysis, Fall
CEE 560 Steel Structures III
CEE 562 Highway Bridge Design, Spring
CEE 572 Earthquake Engineering, Spring
CEE 574 Probabilistic Load and Design, Fall*
CEE 575 Fracture and Fatigue*
CEE 591 Reliability Analysis*
CEE 598FEO Generalized FEM, Fall*

Other courses may be offered in a given semester, and students can also take elective courses in other areas of civil engineering. An additional required element of the Structures program is participation in CEE 595S, a bi-weekly Structural Engineering Seminar Series.  

*Courses offered every other year.