Distinguished Faculty Award

Distinguished Faculty Award

The CEE Alumni Association Distinguished Faculty Award is an award designed to recognize our most accomplished faculty who have made outstanding contributions to the department, to the education of our students, and to the pursuit of knowledge and the betterment of society through research. 


Professor Emeritus Ernest J. Barenberg (biography)
For technical contributions to the theoretical understanding of pavement behavior and responses; leadership in the mechanistic-empirical design of concrete pavements; for innovations in post-tensioned and precast concrete pavement; for a passion to mentor graduate students and challenge students to strive toward a high standard of professional excellence; and for 30 years of teaching CEE students the importance of the engineering decision-making process.


Professor Emeritus Marshall R. Thompson (biography)
For technical contributions to transportation and pavement engineering through characterization of asphalt, granular and soil materials responses, behavior, and performance; for the development of new flexible pavement design methods for roads and airfields, and to soil improvement techniques and procedures for horizontal construction and vehicle mobility; for innovations, such as first backcalculation procedure, high-strength stabilized base design, and asphalt overlay of rubblized concrete design; and for more than 35 years of teaching and mentoring CEE students.


Professor Emeritus William J. Hall (biography)
For excellence in instruction and research during nearly four decades on the faculty of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; for leadership in the field as Head of CEE at Illinois and as a respected structural engineering researcher, practitioner and consultant in earthquake engineering and the design of military structures; and for lifelong service and generosity to the University as a loyal CEE alumnus.