SRHM MS/PhD Program

Graduate Course Requirements for M.S. Degree in CE/EE

Students are required to take a required seminar and three core courses (12 credit hours), one from each of the main tracks below. Students also will need to take two more courses from tracks below (8 hours). The remaining 16 credit hours are technical elective courses.

Required Seminar

  • CEE 595 SRM Societal Risk and Hazard Mitigation seminar (all semesters enrolled in the program)

Track 1. Risk, Uncertainty and Probability Courses (minimum 4 hours):

  • SE 450 (Decision Analysis I) or MATH 464/STAT 410 (Statistics and Probability II)
  • CEE 491 (Decision and Risk Analysis)
  • CEE 512 (Logistics Systems Analysis)
  • SE 530 (Multiattribute Decision Making)
  • CEE 535 (Environmental Systems II)
  • CEE 574 (Probabilistic Loads and Design)
  • CEE 598‐UQ (Uncertainty Quantification)
  • CEE 598‐RA (Reliability Analysis)

Track 2. Hazard Science and Engineering Courses (minimum 4 hours):

  • CEE 453 (Urbana Hydrology and Hydraulics)
  • CEE 498‐WE (Wind Engineering)
  • GEOL 454 (Introduction to Seismology)
  • GEOL 470 (Introduction to Hydrogeology)
  • CEE 498 ‐ PHE 498 (Public Health Engineering)
  • CEE 551 (Open Channel Hydraulics)
  • CEE 572 (Earthquake Engineering)
  • CEE 581 (Dams, Embankments and Slopes)
  • CEE 588 (Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering)

Track 3. Disaster Response and Recovery Courses (minimum 4 hours):

  • CEE 440 (Fate Cleanup Environ. Pollutant)
  • CEE 498‐CH (Case Histories in Infrastructure Engineering)
  • CEE 498‐REM (Remediation Case Studies)
  • CEE 504 (Non‐Destructive Testing Technologies)
  • CEE 507 (Infrastructure Repair)
  • CEE 421 (Construction Planning)
  • CEE 524 (Construction Law)
  • CEE 540 (Remediation Design)
  • CEE 598‐VSC (Visual Sensing for Civil Infrastructure Engineering & Management)

Ph.D. Degree in CE/EE

Ph.D. students who have previously received their M.S. degree in an area related to any of the SRHM three tracks should take CEE interdisciplinary Qualifying Exam (see Doctoral Candidate Qualification Procedures of Each Departmental Area, Interdisciplinary).