Rory Polera

Rory Polera (BS 09)
Modernization Plan donor
Oasys Water Inc.
Field Engineer

After working in China in 2015 and coincidentally attending the CEE outreach event in Shanghai, I was reminded how proud I am to be an alumnus of CEE at Illinois. The presence and reputation CEE at Illinois has built around the world is incredibly impressive. Many thanks go to the students, faculty and staff for creating, leading and supporting life changing opportunities for which as a student, I am forever grateful.

Since graduating in 2009, I have slightly lost touch with what helped shape my career aspirations – my experience as an undergraduate student in CEE. From undergraduate research to the coursework that included a design project with a partner university in Mexico, the department exposed me to much more than just the technical training and skills required of a civil/environmental engineer.

As a way to say thanks, I donated to the department and their modernization plans. Whether it’s small or large, I encourage you to do the same in hopes future students will benefit from the same programs and opportunities that we have.