Fahnestock appointed new NSEL Director

9/22/2022 3:35:26 PM

Professor Larry Fahnestock has been named the new Director of the Newmark Structural Engineering Laboratory (NSEL). Built in 1967 and extended in 1971, the laboratory is home to large-scale, experimental structural research. NSEL features a central, three-story crane bay with a strong floor and a 28-foot, L-shaped reaction wall. The structural testing area is used to carry out a range of tests of building materials, components, structural assemblies and models.

 “In the next season of NSEL, I aim to continue building on the historical strength of the lab in large-scale structural testing as we also expand its contributions and influence through new collaborations and professional engagement,” Fahnestock said. “There are exciting opportunities for NSEL to be a vibrant hub that connects researchers across CEE and in other engineering disciplines with each other and with industry partners.  This team approach will enable us to tackle big challenges and advance the state-of-the-art in efficiency and resilience of structures comprehensively – including design, construction, monitoring, condition assessment, service performance and response to extreme loads.”

On the CEE at Illinois faculty since 2006, Fahnestock teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in behavior and design of steel structures and building systems. He is the Siess Faculty Scholar, and conducts research that focuses on development and implementation of innovative large-scale structural systems for buildings and bridges that provide robust long-term performance under service loads, and life safety and resilience when subjected to extreme loads. His projects employ large-scale laboratory experiments, field monitoring and numerical simulations. 

“It is an honor to be the new director of the Newmark Structural Engineering Laboratory, a facility that has played a significant role establishing fundamental knowledge about structures and developing innovations with practical impact,” Fahnestock said.