Global perspectives

1/12/2017 11:36:35 AM

As the world continues to grow more globally connected, the next generation of civil and environmental engineers have a wide variety of career paths — and locations — open to them. Graduating students are faced with opportunities in both the private and public sectors that could take them anywhere from rural Uganda to bustling Hong Kong. Even those that stay closer to home will undoubtedly find themselves working with people of different nationalities. CEE at Illinois has embraced the realities of these modern times, fostering an environment where opportunity exists for students to gain experience abroad, where international students are a welcome and vital part of the student body, and where the curriculum continues to adapt to an ever-changing world. In the following stories, read about how CEE at Illinois is preparing students for engineering in a global world


"We are taking a more global approach in our educational programs because CEE at Illinois alumni and their companies are getting more involved in international projects."

Benito Mariñas, Department Head

New academic options available for students who want to go global

A new M.S. program at Illinois and a joint Institute for Engineering with Zhejiang University in China provide CEE students with new ways to make their academic experience a global one.

Cooperative "3+2" agreements bring top international students to CEE at Illinois

Cooperative agreements with international universities bring students to Illinois during their senior years, after which they continue on to earn their Master's degrees. A recent graduate answers questions about his experiences.

Resources make transition easier for international students

There are many resources provided by the department and the university that are designed to help international students adjust to life in the U.S., and a graduate student from Argentina offers personal insights.

Domestic students benefit from multi-cultural campus, global educational approach

Three students from the state of Illinois talk about how their educational experiences have been improved by a global approach.

Student organization bridges gaps internationally

The student chapter of Bridges to Prosperity works to design and construct bridges for poor communities around the world.