CEE 412

CEE 412 - High-Speed Rail Engineering

Fall 2024

High-Speed Rail EngineeringCEE412E371926LCD31100 - 1220 T R  3310 Newmark Civil Engineering Bldg  Conrad Ruppert, Jr
High-Speed Rail EngineeringCEE412E471927LCD41100 - 1220 T R  3310 Newmark Civil Engineering Bldg  Conrad Ruppert, Jr
High-Speed Rail EngineeringCEE412ONC78537ONL3 -     Conrad Ruppert, Jr
High-Speed Rail EngineeringCEE412ONL71928ONL3 -     Conrad Ruppert, Jr

Official Description

Development, engineering, design and construction of high-speed rail (HSR) passenger transport systems with particular emphasis on the unique engineering elements of HSR technology. Key elements of HSR systems and subsystems including: core systems (trains, power, signal, communication and control), track system and civil infrastructure (earthwork, bridges, viaducts and tunnels). Also covered are basic design and construction of HSR stations and rolling stock maintenance facilities. Course Information: 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours.

Subject Area

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to the technology, design, and construction of an HSR system and its subsystems. Although the basic elements of the technology resemble conventional rail transport, there are numerous engineering design differences, including the subgrade, track system, motive power, rolling stock, traffic control, power distribution system, traffic control and station design.

Credit Hours

3 or 4 hours

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