Katherine E. Latham

Katherine E. Latham
Katherine E. Latham (BS 11)
Founder, Managing Partner
Talman Consultants LLC
Chicago, IL

CEEAA Young Alumni Achievement Award, 2022

For outstanding creativity and innovation in becoming a young woman entrepreneur helping to change the face of Chicago’s civil engineering profession; for leadership and development of STEM and other educational initiatives in Chicago and the surrounding area; and for being a key influencer in guiding, attracting and retaining women as well as promoting diversity in Chicago’s civil engineering consulting industry.


Katherine Latham is Managing Partner of Talman Consultants, LLC. She is responsible for client relationships and scaling business operations. Katherine is guiding Talman through a period of phenomenal growth and creating a diverse, entrepreneurial working environment that fosters innovation and value-based results for clients.

Katherine is a member of the Forbes Chicago Business Council and American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). She’s also on the Executive Board of the Off the Street Club, the oldest boys and girls club in the West Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Katherine’s background is in design engineering with experience in program management and field operations. She has led large infrastructure projects within the City of Chicago and has represented multiple telecom and utility clients as a single point of contact with the City of Chicago. She specializes in stakeholder consensus building and network expansion in large cities and municipalities.