Barros wins Ven Te Chow Award


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Ana P. Barros
Ana P. Barros

CEE Professor and Department Head Ana P. Barros has won the 2024 Ven Te Chow Award from the ASCE Environmental and Water Resource Institute. The Ven Te Chow Award recognizes lifetime achievement in hydrologic engineering and is presented annually to an individual whose career has been distinguished by exceptional achievement and significant contribution in research, education or practice.

Barros received the award for “contributions to understanding and prediction of precipitation dynamics and flood hazards in mountainous terrains, and leadership in multiple areas including remote sensing, earth science and water resource engineering.” She will be presented the award at the Environmental and Water Resource Institute annual specialty conference.

Barros joined the CEE faculty in 2021 and is the Donald Biggar Willett Chair of Engineering. Her research focuses on computational environmental fluid mechanics and nonlinear dynamics, remote sensing of the environment using microwave and infrared sensor, long–range predictability and risk analysis of natural hazards, physics of water cycle processes in mountainous regions with a focus on cloud formation and precipitation, and development and application of information technology as a research tool and in the operation of complex engineering systems.

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This story was published February 1, 2024.