Seven professors receive named appointments

8/7/2020 1:44:13 PM

Seven CEE faculty members have been awarded named appointments, in recognition of their significant accomplishments and contributions to the department. The five-year appointments for professors Armando Duarte, Paolo Gardoni, Arif Masud, Helen Nguyen, Gary Parker, Jeffery Roesler and Erol Tutumluer are effective August 16, 2020.

“One of the greatest strengths of CEE is our outstanding faculty,” said Albert J. Valocchi, CEE Interim Department Head. “We are pleased that so many of our most distinguished scholars can be recognized and honored. The department celebrates this remarkable accomplishment, and we are very grateful to the donors for their support.”

C. Armando Duarte

Nathan Newmark Professor

Armando Duarte’s research interests include computational mechanics and methods such as Generalized Finite Element and Meshfree Methods, three-dimensional computational fracture mechanics, multi-scale modeling of sharp thermal gradients and polycrystalline materials and multi-physic simulations of hydraulic fracturing.  He joined the CEE at Illinois faculty in 2004, having previously been on the faculty of the University of Alberta, Canada, and a Visiting Professor at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Duarte teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in methods of structural analysis, structural mechanics, analysis and mechanics of plates and shells, and advanced finite element methods. Read more about Duarte here.

Paolo Gardoni
Paolo Gardoni

Paolo Gardoni

Alfredo H. Ang Family Professor

Paolo Gardoni’s research interests include sustainable and resilient infrastructure; reliability, risk and life cycle analysis; decision making under uncertainty; modeling of natural hazards; performance assessment of deteriorating systems; ethical, social, and legal dimensions of risk; policies for natural hazard mitigation and disaster recovery; impacts of climate change; and engineering ethics. He is Director of the MAE Center and Associate Director of the Center of Excellence for Risk-based Community Resilience Planning. A member of the CEE at Illinois faculty since 2012, Gardoni is an Excellence Faculty Scholar in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Co-Director of the Societal Risk and Hazard Mitigation program. Read more about Gardoni here.

Arif Masud

John and Eileen Blumenschein Professor

Arif Masud has been a member of the CEE at Illinois faculty since 2006. In addition to his appointment in CEE, Masud also holds faculty appointments in The Grainger College of Engineering with the Holonyak Micro and Nanotechnology Lab, the department of Aerospace Engineering, and Computational Science and Engineering, and was recently appointed as Professor of Biomedical and Translational Sciences in the Carle Illinois College of Medicine. His research interests span stabilized and multiscale finite element methods for fluid and solid mechanics, computational biofluid dynamics, advanced numerical methods and techniques for material modeling in additive manufacturing, and new approaches to physics-constrained machine learning. Read more about Masud here.

Helen Nguyen
Helen Nguyen

Helen Nguyen

Ivan Racheff Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Thanh “Helen” Nguyen has research interests that include pathogens and biofilms in drinking water distribution systems; pathogen profiles after natural disasters; and water and food safety. She is a member of the American Chemical Society (Environmental Chemistry Division and Colloid and Surface Chemistry division), the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors. A CEE Excellence Faculty Fellow, Nguyen joined the CEE faculty in 2006, where she teaches graduate and undergraduate classes in environmental engineering with an emphasis on physico-chemical processes for water and wastewater treatments. Read more about Nguyen here.

Gary Parker

Grainger Distinguished Chair in Engineering

Gary Parker has been on the CEE at Illinois faculty since 2005, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in flu­id mechanics, river engineering, sediment transport. The focus of his research is the use of fundamental techniques of fluid mechanics and applied mathematics to treat interesting geomorphological problems. Related special research includes mechanics of river meandering; oceanic turbidity currents; sorting of mixed grain sediment by fluvial processes; bank erosion and protection using permeable dikes and vegetation; and reservoir sedimentation. He has received numerous honors for his work, including election to the National Academy of Sciences, the 7th Prince Abdul Aziz Surface Water Prize, and the Water Resources Research Editor’s Choice Award. Read more about Parker here.

Jeffery Roesler
Jeffery Roesler

Jeffery R. Roesler

Ernest Barenberg Professor

Jeff Roesler has been on the CEE at Illinois faculty since 2000, and currently serves as Associate Head for Graduate Affairs. Over the years, he has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in pavement and materials engineering, geometric design of roadways, project-based learning in CEE, and CEE professional practice. Roesler’s research interests include concrete pavement design and analysis, material impacts on temperature and moisture curling on concrete slabs, fiber reinforced concrete, fatigue and fracture of concrete, continuously reinforced concrete pavements, accelerated pavement testing of concrete, roller compacted concrete materials, micro-climatic modeling of urban heat island, photocatalytic concrete, and design of thin concrete overlays. Read more about Roesler here.

Erol Tutumluer

Abel Bliss Professor in Engineering

A member of the CEE faculty since 1996, Erol Tutumluer is the Paul Fraser Kent Endowed Faculty Scholar and serves as the Director of International Programs for the department. He specializes in Transportation Geotechnics and has research interests and expertise in characterization of pavement and railroad track geomaterials; soil/aggregate stabilization; geosynthetics; modeling granular foundation systems using innovative techniques; sustainable use of foundation geomaterials and construction practices for transportation infrastructure; discrete element analysis of ballast; dynamic response measurement and analyses of track systems; and mechanistic analysis and design. Read more about Tutumluer here.