Appendix 5 - Graduate Course Requirements for MS Track in Engineering Materials and Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Engineering Materials and Additive Manufacturing Technologies, or EM(MA)T, is a new track to collaborate and attract top students with the excitement in 3D printing that requires technical knowledge in mechanics and materials.

Graduate Course Requirements for MS Degree in CE/EE

Students are required to take 5 core courses (20 credit hours) from the main three subjects below with at least one from each of the main subjects below. The remaining 4 courses (16 credit hours) are technical elective courses selected with advisor approval.

Mechanics (minimum 4 hours):

  • CEE 471 Structural Mechanics
  • CEE 498 Mechanics of Additive Manufacturing
  • CEE 570 Finite Element Methods
  • CEE 576 Nonlinear Finite Elements
  • CEE 577 Computational Inelasticity
  • CEE 598 Advanced FE Methods
  • CEE 598 Theory of Heterogeneous Materials
  • CEE 598 Const. Modeling of Eng. Mat.
  • CEE 598 Structural Design Optimization

Materials Synthesis and Characterization (minimum 4 hours):

  • CEE 401 Concrete Materials
  • CEE 405 Asphalt Materials I
  • CEE 501 Const. Mat. Characterization
  • CHEM 522 Experimental Spectroscopy
  • MSE 580 Diffraction Physics of Materials
  • CEE 598 Advanced Bit. Materials
  • CEE 503 Construction Material Deterioration

Physics and Chemistry (minimum 4 hours):

  • MSE 457 Polymer Chemistry
  • MSE 458 Polymer Physics
  • CEE 502 Advance Cement Chemistry
  • CEE 544 Advanced Surface Science

PhD Road Map:

  • Direct admit to PhD program is allowed.
  • Continued coursework: 8 graded courses total beyond MS, 4 of the which must be at the 500 level.
  • Students must enroll in the EM(MA)T seminar series every semester.
  • Students must pass the Interdisciplinary Qualifying Exam (QE) for admission to PhD Candidacy in the EM(MA)T program. The QE comprises a written part on topics from the three main subjects indicated above for the MS degree and an oral part on a research topic.
  • Preliminary Exam to approve dissertation topic.
  • Continue research full-time, attend conferences, write technical papers, complete dissertation.
  • Take Final Examination on dissertation research.