Team studies post-pandemic transit ridership

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DNA sensor quickly determines whether viruses are infectious

A new sensor can detect not only whether a virus is present, but whether it’s infectious.

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Learn about CEE's new building and smart bridge

New facilities include technology-enhanced classrooms, labs and collaborative spaces.

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Graduate Program Application Deadline Extended

The application deadline for the CEE Graduate Program has been extended through February 15, 2022. New fellowships are available for outstanding students in need of additional funding (all applicants are automatically considered for any fellowship for which they are eligible).

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Why Choose CEE at Illinois?

Engineering students

Widely known for its friendly, welcoming atmosphere, CEE at Illinois is where you go to learn, study and conduct leading research in civil and environmental engineering. A top-ranked program with distinguished faculty, CEE at Illinois prepares students to tackle some of society's biggest challenges:

  • Ensuring clean air, safe drinking water and sanitation;
  • Addressing our changing environment;
  • Protecting the population from natural and man-made hazards;
  • Designing a sustainable infrastructure that serves everyone;
  • Reimagining human and commodity traffic for an automated future;
  • And, of course, designing and constructing the world’s tallest buildings and most iconic bridges

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Civil Engineering
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Environmental Engineering
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Civil Engineering
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Environmental Engineering
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Online Master's Program

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Data Science + CEE Disciplines

New undergraduate certificate option and non-thesis Master's track
combine data science, CEE core disciplines.  

Undergraduate    Graduate

Research Conferences

CEE at Illinois hosts several research conferences throughout the year, bringing together scientists, academics, industry professionals and policy makers together for learning, collaboration and networking.

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Facts + Rankings

CEE at Illinois undergraduate and graduate programs are consistently ranked among the best in the nation. See our current rankings and other stats about our top department.

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